iKON Idol School Trip (2017)

교칙의반 수학여행

Drama , Comedy , Friendship , Kshow , Youth , Korean | Episodes 6

9.5 44 10 0


iKON members who had missed ordinary school life and school trip because of their career are going on a school trip to Jeju Island for five days and four nights. With such trip for recovery of lost memories, iKON members will delete one item in their bucket list. The show's producer, YG Entertainment, explained, "Stars from Korea and Japan who have lived in different places so far will have various experiences of both countries' culture and sentiment. The most interesting point of the project is the reaction and emotions of the stars from the two countries".


Kim Shin Young Main Host
DK Regular Member
B.I Regular Member
Song Yoon Hyung Regular Member
Kim Jin Hwan Regular Member
June Regular Member
Jung Chan Woo Regular Member
Jung Hyung Don Main Host
Lee Tae Im Guest
Jo Se Ho Main Host
Bobby Regular Member