Ima Ai ni Yukimasu (2005)


Drama , Drama , Romance , Japanese | Episodes 10

7.9 143 10 0


Yuuji is still a first-grade student, he is having a very hard time understanding what has happened to his mother and the fact that she won't be coming back. At the very beginning of the first episode, the voice of the late mother (played by Mimura) is reading from a picture book that she wrote for Yuuji before she died. It is about a mother who dies, but promises to return when the rainy season comes. Yuuji believes in this story and thinks that his mother will come back when the rainy season comes. And surprisingly... she actually does. When it begins raining on a June morning, Yuuji runs out into the forest to the special place where he used to play with his mother. His father, Takumi (played by Narimiya Hiroki) chases after him to get him to go to school. When they arrive at the old ruined building where they used to play, Yuuji's mother, Mio is waiting there completely alive and healthy, but she has no memory of them or anything that occurred during her life.


Kurokawa Tomoka Support Role
Okamoto Aya Support Role
Mita Yoshiko Support Role
Fukumoto Yuki Support Role
Shiho Support Role
Yamamoto Kei Support Role
Miura Haruma Support Role
Denden Support Role
MEGUMI Support Role
Yo Kimiko Support Role
Namase Katsuhisa Support Role
Kogure Mimura Main Role
Narimiya Hiroki Main Role
Takei Akashi Main Role
Yamamuro Daisuke Unknown Role
Kawashima Ryutaro Unknown Role
Hirano Shunichi Unknown Role
Shinozaki Eriko Unknown Role