Ima kara Anata wo Kyouhaku Shimasu (2017)

From Now On I Threaten You, I Blackmail You?, 今からあなたを脅迫します

Drama , Crime , Mystery , Psychological , Japanese | Episodes 9

7.6 418 10 0


Handsome Senkawa Kanji is a dangerous intimidator who will solve cases which the police and investigators are unable to by finding people’s weaknesses and manipulating them with threatening words. Kanesaka Mio, a good, nice girl who grew up in a wealthy family, attends the department of education at a university. She works part-time and lives modestly but can move money when needed. She not only refuses to overlook the slightest bad thing but will also not leave anyone who is in difficulty alone. This results in her always butting into the predicaments of complete strangers and getting involved in cases. Senkawa and Mio are completely incompatible and should not meet but they get caught in all sorts of cases from bank transfer scams to kidnappings. ~~ Based on light novel "Ima kara Anata wo Kyouhaku Shimasu" by Namiya Fujiishi


Shimazaki Haruka Support Role
Nakajima Satoru Director
Miyake Hiroki Support Role
Suzuki Nobuyuki Support Role
Yoshikazu Ebisu Support Role
Kondo Masaomi Support Role
Sato Ryo Paruko Support Role
Yamaga Kotoko Kan-chan Support Role
Naito Risa Support Role
Kanro Morita Kunieda Tomoki Support Role
Fujioka Dean Senkawa Kanji Main Role
Takei Emi Kanesaka Mio Main Role