Imperfect Love (2020)


Drama , Drama , Family , Suspense , Chinese | Episodes 22

7.6 270 10 0


The drama is shot from the perspective of women and tells a story about finding light in the darkness and embracing hope in motherhood. Lin Xu Zhi is a woman who doesn’t have a past. She was adopted and is still scarred from being abandoned by her birth mother. She’s an elementary school teacher that realizes one of her female students is receiving abuse from her mother. Her maternal instincts kick in, and she impulsively decides to bring the girl into her own care. In caring for the young girl, named Xiao Ou, two broken souls find solace in each other.


Cai Ya Tong Mu Jing Support Role
Yun Lin Jiang Shang Wu Support Role
Tong Yao Gao Shan Support Role
Chin Shih Chieh Li Ze Support Role
Qu Gao Wei Guo Yue Support Role
Huang Jue Tian Fang Main Role
Chiu Angie Zhong Hui Main Role
Zhou Xun Lin Xu Zhi Main Role
Kara Hui Yuan Ling Main Role