In a Class of Her Own (2020)


Drama , Comedy , Drama , Friendship , Historical , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 36

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Xue Wenxi comes from an impoverished family, and disguises as a guy to make ends meet by helping to transcript and copywrite books. She meets Feng Chengjun, the son of the Prime Minister, during a business transaction. Coming to admire her talent, Feng Chengjun secretly sets a plan in motion that leaves her with no choice but to enroll in the the Yun Shang Academy. As the school only accepts male students, Xue Wenxi disguises herself as a boy (renaming herself as Xue Wenbin), and lives everyday on thin ice to guard her secret. Fortunately, she has Feng Chengjun to come to her aid, allowing her to focus on her studies. Using her wit, kindness and charm, she also become close friends with the rebellious and unrestrained Yu Yuexuan and the cold and aloof Lei Zexin. The four become known as the "Yun Shang Quartet". As they overcome many hurdles together, the four influence one another and grow together along the way. Xue Wenxi eventually exposed her identity as a girl, and find mutual love with Feng Chengjun. As they inherit the legacy of their ancestors and strive to uphold their ideals, they also fall into a crisis as they become entangled with the conflicts passed down from the older generation. (Source: DramaWiki) Edit Translation English Português


Gong Beibi Support Role
Zhu Nicole Support Role
Zhang Han Support Role
Wang Ce Support Role
Li Shuai Support Role
Li Jia Hao Support Role
Zhang Xin Support Role
Wang Jin Song Support Role
He Liang Ou Support Role
Zhang Shuang Li Support Role
Zhang Hao Wei Support Role
Yu Bo Support Role
Bi Wen Jun Main Role
Song Wei Long Main Role
Chen Yi Long Main Role
Ju Jing Yi Main Role
Wang Richards Main Role