IN-SEOUL (2019)


Drama , Drama , Family , School , Youth , Korean | Episodes 15

7.7 97 10 0


It is a growth drama that talks about the love-hate relationship between a mother and her high school daughter (in her last year) who are living just the two of them. The story is about the mother who constantly attacks her daughter about the fact that she has no sense of the reality and her daughter who dreams to enter a university in Seoul to gain independence from such mother.  


Jang Haet Sal Support Role
Choi Joon Ha Support Role
Choi Yun Seol Support Role
Ahn Ji Hwan Support Role
Jung Eun Pyo Support Role
Jeong Seon Yul Support Role
Ryeoun Main Role
Jang Young Nam Main Role
Do Hee Main Role
Kim Yeon Seo Main Role
Jung Soo Yoon Unknown Role
Im Ji Eun Unknown Role


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