In This Corner of the World (2018)


Drama , Drama , Historical , Life , Romance , War , Japanese | Episodes 9

7.6 115 10 0


18-year-old Urano Suzu marries Hojo Shusaku and moves from Eba City to Kure City in Hiroshima Prefecture in the middle of the Pacific War. As Japan slides into a war it cannot get out of, the townspeople go on with their “ordinary” lives. Supplies are short, and family and friends get sent to the battlefield. Suzu and the Hojo family battle such anxieties as they try to live positively.


Murakami Nijiro Mizuhara Tetsu Support Role
Ito Ran Hojo San Support Role
Nikaido Fumi Shiroki Rin Support Role
Ito Sairi Karitani Sachiko Support Role
Tsuchimura Kaho Domoto Shino Support Role
Kubota Sayu Urano Sumi Support Role
Ono Machiko Kuromura Keiko Support Role
Taguchi Tomorowo Hojo Entaro Support Role
Arai Miu Urano Suzu [Young] Support Role
Kino Hana Kariya Taki Support Role
Sendo Nobuko Urano Kiseno Support Role
Shiomi Sansei Domoto Yasujiro Support Role
Miyamoto Nobuko Morita Ito Support Role
Ouchida Yuhei Urano Youichi Support Role
Yutaro Furutachi Eguchi Kosuke Support Role
Doronzu Ishimoto Urano Juro Support Role
Osako Rika Shiroki Rin [Child] Support Role
Oyama Rento Kuromura Hisao Support Role
Inagaki Kurumi Kuromura Harumi Support Role
Eikura Nana Omi Kayo Support Role
Matsuzaka Tori Hojo Shusaku Main Role
Matsumoto Honoka Urano Suzu / Hojo Suzu Main Role
Tabata Shima (Ep.1) Guest Role
Doi Nobuhiro Unknown Role