Incisive Great Teacher (2017)


Drama , Comedy , Historical , Martial Arts , Romance , School , Sports , Chinese | Episodes 44

7.4 581 10 0


Liu Ao Tian is set to become a Wushu (martial arts) instructor, hence he is sent to Hong Wen academy where he is also to make sure the emperor's new edict to allow female students is being enforced. However along the way, he makes a mistake in a marriage seeking battle that has been set up by Lu Yu Fei. As a result, she chases him all the way to Hong Wenacademy, where she eventually also becomes a teacher. As their bickering romance begins to blossom, a third love interest, makes an appearance, making things difficult for the two. To add more to their difficulties, Yu Fei accidentally starts a fire at the school, which leads to several questions about Ao Tian's actual motives.


Kou Zhen Hai Minister Gong Sun Yi Support Role
Wu Li Sister Liu Support Role
Lu En Jie Yu Ru Yi Support Role
Cheng Cheng Qian Mian Ren Support Role
Wang Ren Jun Liu Yuan Support Role
Zhou Qi Qi Mu Rong Yue Support Role
Chen Hong Jin Sun Xiao Shan Support Role
Kang Lei Yuan Fang Support Role
Huang Tian Qi Liu Ao Tian [Child] Support Role
Yue Yao Li Liu Yi Shou Support Role
Wu Emma Song Wen Wen Main Role
Liu Cecilia Lu Yun Fei Main Role
Wu Nicky Liu Ao Tian Main Role
Ye Zu Xin Fan Da Tong Main Role
Guo Damon Wu Tian Bao Guest Role
Zhang Zhe Han Jin Ren Bin Guest Role
Yang Cheng Cheng Dong Fang Wan Er (young) Guest Role
Huo Wallace Lord Li Guest Role
Cheng Pei Pei Zhao De Zhu Guest Role