Infernal Affairs (2016)


Drama , Action , Crime , Chinese | Episodes 30

7.3 402 10 0


Jiang Zi Dan, a Chinese police officer, is sent to Hong Kong to go undercover as a triad member. The same triad sends Wei Jun Xuan as an informant into the police force, to finish what his predecessor had failed to do.


Lau Damian Hu Guan You Support Role
Tsui Wilson Lei Guang Support Role
Kwok Derek Zeng Hao Dong Support Role
Liu Bernice Ma Sha Support Role
Lo Gallen Han Lang Support Role
Ng Berg Zhang Ding Support Role
Leung Toby Su Qing Support Role
Chou Lawrence Zhong Zhi Support Role
Law Him Wei Jun Xuan Main Role
Zhu Jolie Hu Jia Lin Main Role
Wang Wayne Jiang Zi Dan Main Role