Inspector Gourmet (2016)

Gluttonous Detective, 為食神探

Drama , Comedy , Food , Investigation , HK | Episodes 20

7.4 124 10 0


Internet celebrity chef Yeung Dak Gei is fired after accidentally exposing his boss in a scandal. He turns to his step-sister to work as a private investigator. But she has a condition - he must first persuade "Golden Tongue" Mak Sai to join the private investigation firm. Yeung Dak Gei is forced to continuously cook tasty foods for this mysteriously person. Later, he finds out that Mak Sai was actually known as "Inspector Gourmet" back in the day. After several challenges, he finally agrees to join the firm. In the process, they meet a reporter who once had amnesia Tong Ka Ka and a car racer Shum Oi Gui. Both have different strengths and join the firm as well. The four of them form an odd detective team, yet they solve many cases. Yeung Dak Gei sees Tong Ka Ka as his goddess. To cater to her tastes, he frequently visits her favorite dessert store, where he meets pastry chef Chow Ching and her cowardly boyfriend Cheung Kwok Wai and opens up a series of unusual cases...


Ma Kenneth Yeung Dak Gei / "Bill Kei" Main Role
Sam Eliza Tong Ka Ka Main Role
Wong Priscilla Sam Oi Kiu Main Role
Yuen Louis Mak Sai Main Role
Li Eric Lo Tai Wai Supporting Role
Wu Bowie Mak Tong Supporting Role
Yeung Bobo Winnie Supporting Role
Kong Elvina Chu Sau Na Supporting Role
Wong Ivana Bonnie Supporting Role
Li Lucy Connie Supporting Role
Cheng Timothy Ko Yan Supporting Role
Yeo Vivien Lee Nga Choi Supporting Role
Chiu Osanna Dora Supporting Role
Wong Jacqueline Chow Ching / "Janice" Supporting Role
Leung Oscar Cheung Kwok Wah Supporting Role
Ma Mark Sam King On Supporting Role
Lo Angelina Fung Ching Mui Supporting Role
Law Iva Candy Supporting Role
Lau Kong Shum Wing Supporting Role
Chan Kerry Ada Supporting Role
Yeung Matt Dung Sai Kan / "Duncan" (Ep.5-8) Guest Role
Zhu Oceane Fok Ling Ling (Ep.1) Guest Role
Chan Oil Keung (Ep.1) Guest Role
Li Lily Mrs. To (Ep.1-2) Guest Role
Burrell Brian Robert Guest Role
Lee Joan Ting (Ep.1-2) Guest Role
Li Eddie Brother Hong (Ep.3) Guest Role
Cheung Mei Ni Tong Tse Ying / "Keira" (Ep.5-8) Guest Role
Law Johnson Lat Chiu Gor (Ep.3-5) Guest Role
Yuen Nicholas Isaac (Ep.6-16) Guest Role
Ip Tracy Ko Man (Ep.17-20) Guest Role
Wan Nicole Kan Wai San / "Yumi" (Ep.17-20) Guest Role
Ip Adam Mo (Ep.13-17) Guest Role
Yeow Eileen Ma Tai (Ep.1) Guest Role
Yu Henry Ma Fu Cheung (Ep.1) Guest Role
Yiu Kitterick Szeto Ting Hoi (Ep.1-2) Guest Role
Choi Miguel Hung Siu (Ep.3-5) Guest Role
Yuen Hero Kwan Chui (Ep.3-5) Guest Role
Lee Yee Man Linda (Ep.10-12) Guest Role
Kung Cilla Pun Siu Lin (Ep.5-8) Guest Role
Wong Parkman Dong (Ep.13-17) Guest Role
Tam Gary Kwok Yat Ming (Ep.10-12) Guest Role
Wong Derek Kelvin (Ep.5-8) Guest Role
Chan Gary Tong Yu Wah (Ep.17-20) Guest Role