Ito-kun A to E (2017)

伊藤くん A to E

Drama , Drama , Romance , Japanese | Episodes 8

7.5 162 10 0


Yazaki Rio is a 32-year-old screenwriter. She was once popular, but not anymore. In her past, she wrote hit drama series “Tokyo Doru Hausu.” Since that time, she hasn't written any other hit titles. One day, Yazaki gives a lecture. She gives out a questionnaire and from the answers, notices 4 women in her audience are dating the same man. Yazaki decides to write a drama series based on these women's love story. ~~ Based on the novel by Yuzuki Asako.


Ikeda Elaiza Aida Satoko [ C ] Support Role
Nakamura Tomoya Kuzumi Kentaro "KuzuKen" Support Role
Yamada Yuki Okita Support Role
Irie Jingi (Ep.5-6) Unknown
Tanaka Kei Tamura Shinya Support Role
Kiyasu Kohei Screenwriter
Sasaki Nozomi Shimahara Tomomi [ A ] Support Role
Shida Mirai Nose Shuko [ B ] Support Role
Kaho Jinbo Miki [ D ] Support Role
Nahana (Ep.1-2) Unknown
Komatsu Toshimasa (Ep.3-4) Unknown
Okamoto Natsumi (Ep.3-4) Unknown
Kinuwo Yamada (Ep.5-6,8) Unknown
Nekota Nao (Ep.6) Unknown
Kimura Fumino Yazaki Rio [ E ] Main Role
Okada Masaki Ito Seijiro (Ep.7-8) Guest Role
Yamashita Rio Miyata Maki (Ep.1-4) Guest Role

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Drama , Drama , Romance , Japanese