I've Fallen For You (2020)

Shao nian qie man xing, Wait, Young Master, 少主且慢行

Drama , Adventure , Comedy , Crime , Friendship , Historical , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 24

7.9 3802 10 0


Growing up, Tian Sanqi had a strange liking for performing autopsies. She had an older 'brother' who would always be by her side and they spent many good years together. One day, he mysteriously disappears. Sanqi as a child promises to find her true love and vows never to marry unless it's him. In her search, she comes across many potential candidates and forms new friendships. The gang accidentally becomes involved in several cases in the area one of which seems closely related to the disappearance of her 'brother' all those years ago. A shocking conspiracy that is 10 years in the making comes to light.


Liu Xun He Zhen Support Role
Zhang Yuan Kun Li Jia Support Role
Cao Ming Yue Duan Xue Wei Support Role
Anna Hollen He Ruo Yao Main Role
Jack Lok Bai Yi Fei Main Role
Yu Esther Tian San Qi Main Role
Liu Yu Chang Zhao Cuo Main Role
Zhou Tong Unknown Role
Dai Meng Ying Unknown Role