Ju-on: Noroi no Ie (2020)


Drama , Drama , Horror , Mystery , Supernatural , Suspense , Japanese | Episodes 6

7.7 22 10 0


Based on actual events, this Netflix Original drama is the latest installment in the classic Japanese horror franchise Ju-on. This time, a paranormal investigator’s data reveals an eerie connection between a string of horrifying incidents that occurred between 1958 and 1997: they all stemmed from the same house. Set over the course of 40 years, the series explores the nature of these incidents, building on the established premise of the Ju-on movies and cranking up the terror to new heights. Drawing from actual recorded cases in Japan’s recent past, it offers fresh scares unlike anything J-horror fans have witnessed before. Honjo Haruka is a rookie actress. She hears the sounds of footsteps at night in her house. When she learns of psychic researcher Odajima Yasuo from a TV variety program, she seeks counseling from him about her problem. 


Iwaido Seiko Support Role
Tsuchimura Kaho Support Role
Inowaki Kai Support Role
Emoto Tokio Support Role
Kurashina Kana Support Role
Sendo Nobuko Support Role
Ririka Support Role
Osamura Koki Support Role
Matsuura Yuya Support Role
Kubo Haruka Support Role
Tei Ryushin Support Role
Kuroshima Yuina Main Role
Hiroshi Takahashi Unknown Role
Ichise Tagashige Unknown Role