Judo High (2018)

Re Xue Gao Xiao, 熱血高校

Drama , School , Chinese | Episodes 24

7.7 413 10 0



It is based on the Chinese version of the Red Blood game "Hot Blood Series" adapted from the Han Dynasty, produced by Shanghai Haoying Network Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yingdie Film & TV Culture Co., Ltd., Shanghai Siba Film Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yousong Culture Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Zero Spirit Culture Media Co., Ltd. jointly produced. Haoxin Film & TV Media Co., Ltd. and Sanfeng Co., Ltd. jointly produced [1]. Jiang Xueming, Chen Yuyu, Cao Youning, Zhao Yue, Wen Shenghao, Wang Zhen, and Chen Tingyun starred.


Wen James Gu Xia Support Role
Zhang Lan Du Ling Zhi Support Role
Chen Ting Xuan Xue Zhen Zhen Main Role
Zhao Yue Lin Jian Main Role