Just for You (2017)

Zi Wei Ni Ting Liu, 只為你停留

Drama , Comedy , Romance , Taiwan | Episodes 63

7.5 255 10 0


Can love mend all wounds? Qiao Kai Teng and Qiao Xi Ming are brothers who lead very different lives. Kai Teng gave up his dreams of becoming a national champion athlete in order to provide for his family and now works as a plumber. The younger Xi Ming was able to finish his education and became a famous lawyer. Kai Teng meets the cold and aloof Su Liang Yun, a prosecutor. Xi Ming meets Xu Bao Qi, a woman who may have the answers to his lost memories from traumatic events 10 years ago. Can these women help the brothers heal the wounds of their painful pasts?


Lee Patrick Qiao Jie Teng Main Role
Huang Esther Su Liang Yun Main Role
Chien Jolin Qiao Xi Ming Main Role
Yen Vera Xu Bao Qi | Xu Dai Qi Main Role
Yang Ray Meng Guo Zhu Supporting Role
Ba Yu Ava Supporting Role
Chang Roy Song Hui Qiao Supporting Role
Lu Xue Feng Liu Deng Mei Supporting Role
Shen Meng Sheng Qiao Hong Hui Supporting Role
Lee Melanie Gong Ruo An Supporting Role
Yang Li Yin Ou Pei Jia Supporting Role
Yin Zhao De Xu Yan Ting Supporting Role
Wu Winnie Chi Yi Xiu Supporting Role
Liu Amanda Dai Man Ya / "Amanda" Supporting Role
Yen Ip Shen Jia En Supporting Role
Huang Bo Feng Hei Xiong Supporting Role
Liu Jia Yu Bu La Yu Supporting Role
Hsieh Isa Xiang Ming Juan Supporting Role
Yang Jie Mei Wu Rui Qin Supporting Role
Huang Tender Zhao Huai Bo Supporting Role
Wang Dao Nan Wang Jin Kui Guest Role
Lee Sean Wang Han (Ep.25 & 30-31) Guest Role
Wang Edison Li Shuo (Ep.62-63) Guest Role