Kaen Sanaeha (2013)

Furious Desire, Furious Affection, แค้นเสน่หา

Drama , Drama , Family , Historical , Horror , Romance , Thailand | Episodes 15

7.6 737 10 0


We open with the story of a noble couple in Rangsiya Palace. Than Chai (Nok Chatchai) is married to Than Ying (Lalita Ponyopas) but has also endowed his mistress with a noble title, Mom Bulahn, who is pregnant with his first child. Than Chai is madly in love with Bulahn, who is a docile and sweet woman, and who also gives Than Ying her utmost respect. But her existence is a pain in Than Ying’s hide. She cries to her royal maid about her husband’s love for only Bulahn, her jealousy that Bulahn can have his child when Than Ying herself has been married to him for five years, but is barren, in which she attributes this to his absence in her bedroom. Than Chai attributes his MIA to her coldness and unwillingness to do the dirty with him. So we have some furious love in the making already. lets see what happens


Sukapat Jintara Mam Mom Bulahn (Lady Bulahn) Main Role
Songpaisan Yuke Chat Main Role
Tantiprasut Matira Rima Supporting Role
Panyopas Lalita Than Ying Khaekhai Rangsiya Supporting Role
Plengpanich Chatchai Than Chai Supporting Role
Wilaisak Phitsamai Pheng Pannathon Supporting Role
Karnthip Pop Thagoon Chai Diew Supporting Role
Klomklom Khwanruedi Madam Of Luang Wiset Guest Role
Sirimaneewattana Wethka Ying Torsaeng Guest Role
Banjongsang Ron Phot Pannathon Guest Role
Haetrakul Dom Luang Wisetthamrong Guest Role