Kaidan Botan Doro: Beauty and Fear (2019)

令和元年版 怪談牡丹燈籠 Beauty&Fear

Drama , Drama , Horror , Romance , Thriller , Japanese | Episodes 4

7.6 24 10 0


The ghost of Otsuyu, a beautiful lady who died pining of love, visits her beloved Hagiwara Shinzaburo every night. This is a scene from the well-known ghost story Botan Doro. The personalities and desires of Otsuyu’s father Iijima Heizaemon the loyal Kurokawa Kosuke who serves the family without knowing that Heizaemon slayed his father in his younger days Heizaemon’s exceptionally wicked wife Okuni who plots to takeover the home; her secret lover Miyabe Genjiro and the avaricious couple Tomozo and Omine intersect in this tale of sordid human relationships, revenge and retribution.


Toda Naho Support Role
Nakamura Yuko Support Role
Wakaba Ryuya Support Role
Takashima Masahiro Support Role
Kamishiraishi Mone Support Role
Danta Yasunori Support Role
Inuyama Inuko Support Role
Tanihara Shosuke Support Role
Emoto Tasuku Support Role
Ono Machiko Main Role