Kamathep Prab Marn (2017)

Cupids Conquer the Devil, The Cupids บริษัทรักอุตลุด - กามเทพปราบมาร, The Cupids Series: Defeating Love, กามเทพ ปราบ มาร

Drama , Comedy , Romance , Thailand | Episodes 9

7.5 1015 10 0


It's because of a slave contract she signed when she was drunk. Waralee who is around 30 years old is a secretary in Cupid Hunt but has to be a personal secretary to Peem of CEO. She must choose between hitting on him, or losing her bonus to her junior friends. But that would mean she would have to take down the wall from her heart. She pledged that she will never be hurt because of a guy anymore. She has been single for about 10 years now. When his accident and her attention put together, they shouldn't love each other. She just needs money and someone to open her heart. She's tired of waiting, what should she do?


Wongpuapan Theeradej Peem Main Role
Hargate Araya Alberta Waralee Main Role
Hiranyasap Toon Supporting Role
Wattanakul Minthita Cindy Supporting Role
Leeratanakajorn Thanapob Denchong Supporting Role
Scott Louis Kong Supporting Role
Legge Sara Dao Supporting Role
Hsu Thassapak Jett Supporting Role
Wipakontragoon Natthapatchara Angie Supporting Role