Kami no Kiba - JINGA (2018)


Drama , Action , Adventure , Horror , Tokusatsu , Japanese | Episodes 13

7.9 472 10 0


Jinga Mikage, a member of the Makai Knights known as the Shining Shadow Knight Roze, alongside his partner Fuusa, and his younger brother Touma, fight against Horrors, demon spirits which take control of people who have a dark inner self. Although Zinga is a great Makai Knight, he has been trauma-ridden after a certain incident occurs to his family. These events lead to his hesitation in striking down a Horror who was once a human. During a battle, Zinga is badly wounded by a Horror, after which, strange things begin occurring. 


Matsunoi Miyavi Alva [Voice] Support Role
Kazama Toru Mikage Mizuto Support Role
Inoue Masahiro Jinga Main Role