Kammathep Jum Laeng (2017)

The Cupids Series: Transforming Love, The Cupids บริษัทรักอุตลุด - กามเทพจำแลง

Drama , Comedy , Romance , Thailand | Episodes 7

7.7 669 10 0


Parima have bad love experience, so she afraid of love and intend to consecrate harm all of her life. Her friends gang call her nun. But its not easy when she meet Kawin a half-cast boy. He is looking for his mom and the only clue to find his mother is a locket. Parima doesn't know that Kawin is Kevin Blake the owner of "World-Class Match Maker."


Kannarun Prang Parima Main Role
Metavarayuth Teeradetch Kawin / Kevin Blake Main Role
Chatborirak Pakorn Tornpitaya/Tim Supporting Role
Joonkiat Jarinporn Hunsa Supporting Role
Hiranyasap Toon Supporting Role
Wipatkornthrakul Natthapat Angie Supporting Role
Wattanakul Minthita Cindy Supporting Role
Janjareon Supoj Supporting Role
Patrat Sira Supporting Role
Horwang Cris Horm Muen Lee Supporting Role
Wongpuapan Theeradej Peem Supporting Role
Kerdnimit Sukontawa Supporting Role
Sirichanya Nirut Supporting Role
Hargate Araya Alberta Waralee Supporting Role
Wipakontragoon Natthapatchara Angie Supporting Role