Kammathep Sorn Kol (2017)

The Cupids Series: Tricky Love, The Cupids บริษัทรักอุตลุด - กามเทพซ้อนกล

Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Thailand | Episode 7

7.8 700 10 0


Milin is an accountant who economizes, she signs a contract with seven other girls at the Cupid Hut that she will have to find a boyfriend in one year. She always waiting for Mr. Right but that going to change when she meet Saran. Her co-work also like Saran. Saran is a rich person while she comes from a poor family.


Khumwilaisuk Pakin Saran Main Role
Kannarun Prang Parima Supporting Role
Joonkiat Jarinporn Hunsa Supporting Role
Hiranyasap Toon Supporting Role
Phanthumchinda Pitchapa Rarin Supporting Role
Hiranyatithi Boromwuti Ben Supporting Role
Wipatkornthrakul Natthapat Angie Supporting Role
Wattanakul Minthita Cindy Supporting Role
Chatchaipholrat Nichaphat Supporting Role
ToOun Patarapon Thanakrit Supporting Role
Wongpuapan Theeradej Peem Supporting Role
Wongsarattanasin Pichukkana Praewproud Supporting Role
Rittapinun Thikumporn Nantisa Supporting Role
Hargate Araya Alberta Waralee Supporting Role
Wipakontragoon Natthapatchara Angie Supporting Role

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Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Thailand