Keiji to Kenji - Shokatsu to Chiken no 24ji (2020)

ケイジとケンジ 所轄と地検の24時

Drama , Crime , Detective , Drama , Japanese | Episodes 9

7.5 68 10 0


Nakaido Gota is a detective at the Kanagawa Prefectural Police Station. Majima Shuhei is a prosecutor in the Yokohama District Prosecutors' Office in Kanagawa Prefecture. Gota is the kind of detective who tries to catch criminals as hard as he can and he wants to be thanked by the victims. Shuhei believes social justice is to gain convictions for criminals. These two men, who are righteous and enthusiastic about their jobs, face various cases and work together to solve them.


Yanagiba Toshiro Support Role
Yagi Akiko Support Role
Kazama Morio Support Role
Yashiba Toshihiro Support Role
Imada Mio Support Role
Okuyama Kazusa Support Role
Isomura Hayato Support Role
Sugawara Daikichi Support Role
Okunuki Kaoru Support Role
Higa Manami Support Role
Minemura Rie Support Role
Giko Support Role
Shibuya Kento Support Role
Nishimura Motoki Support Role
Yue Takeyuki Support Role
Kiritani Kenta Main Role
Hara Kintaro Guest Role
Komakine Ryusuke Guest Role
Sakurai Yuki Guest Role
Imai Yuki Guest Role
Kiriyama Renn Guest Role
Yakumaru Sho Guest Role
Hama Shogo Guest Role
Horii Arata Guest Role
Hasegawa Tomoharu Guest Role
Daito Shunsuke Guest Role
Masaki Reiya Guest Role
Fukami Motoki Guest Role
Tamura Kentaro Guest Role
Makita Tetsuya Guest Role
Inaba Yu Guest Role
Baba Tohru Guest Role
Tanaka Sogen Guest Role
Tachibana Saori Guest Role
Doi Yoshio Guest Role
Ikeda Narushi Guest Role
Tanokura Yuta Guest Role
Fukuoka Minami Guest Role
Abe Junko Guest Role
Ikeoka Ryosuke Guest Role
Yosuke Ishii Guest Role
Hasegawa Nagi Guest Role
Imai Ren Guest Role
Nagata Takato Guest Role
Furuhata Seika Guest Role
Moritaka Ai Guest Role
Mizuno Tomonori Guest Role
Tsukimiya Himena Guest Role
Moriya Yuta Guest Role
Fukuda Yasushi Unknown Role
Motohashi Keita Unknown Role