Keiji Zero (2019)

Detective Zero, 刑事ゼロ

Drama , Detective , Investigation , Mystery , Japanese | Episodes 36

7.7 199 10 0


Rekihiko Tokiya is an excellent detective in Kyoto. While chasing a suspect, Rekihiko Tokiya falls into a water storage pool at an abandoned factory. He wakes up in a hospital room, stunned that he cannot remember anything from the last 20 years. Although he is 51 years old, he cannot recall anything past the age of 31 when he first started working as a detective. He is a divorcee, but he does not remember his ex-wife. His personality also changes, once confident but now meek and timid. His sense of justice is still strong. Rekihiko Tokiya resumes work as a detective, but he deals with cases differently than in the past.


Zaizen Naomi Okuhata Noriko Support Role
Takimoto Miori Sato Tomoka Support Role
Nekoze Tsubaki Segawa Hana Support Role
Takeda Tetsuya Namatame Morio Support Role
Terajima Susumu Fukuchi Ichiro Support Role
Todayama Masashi Screenwriter
Yokoyama Daisuke Utsumi Toshiya Support Role
Watanabe Ikkei Nemoto Tomeo Support Role
Sawamura Ikki Tokiya Rekihito Main Role