Kenkou de Bunkatekina Saitei Gendo no Seikatsu (2018)

Drama , Comedy , Documentary , Drama , Fantasy , Food , Japanese | Episode 40

8.1 193 10 0


22-year-old Yoshitsune Emiru once aspired to be a movie director but suffered a setback. Seeking an ordinary, stable life, she becomes a civil servant right after graduation. Her relief that she is set for life is short-lived. Together with four colleagues who joined at the same time including Kurihashi China and Shichijo Ryuichi, she is assigned to the extremely busy Welfare Division. Her job involves working and supporting people with financial difficulties, through public subsidies, as a caseworker. Handa Akinobu, a senior caseworker, immediately puts Emiru in charge of 110 households! Lacking knowledge of welfare services and life experience, Emiru begins her career as a caseworker feeling a great deal of anxiety and confusion as she comes in contact with all sorts of people on welfare. One day, Emiru receives a phone call from the ward office which will have a significant influence on her destiny. The caller who is one of the people she is in charge of, only says “I’m going to die” all of a sudden and then hangs up the phone. Emiru panics. Her predecessor and the person’s kin brush this off as the same old story and do not take this seriously. However, this develops into an incident that is too shocking for Emiru who is a rookie. Hit by harsh reality not long after being assigned to the division, Emiru decides that she has to be there for people on welfare in her own way. Some time later, Emiru has a session with Akusawa Masao, a welfare recipient who is looking for a job. Akusawa has no health problems but cannot stop coughing. When she asks, he tells her that he only has one meal a day. Emiru’s boss Kyogoku Daiki receives her report and suspects that Akusawa has some secret uses for his money. He instructs her to visit Akusawa’s house and conduct a thorough investigation. Emiru goes to Akusawa’s house. She is shown his refrigerator and discovers something inside … …