Kimi ga Kokoro ni Sumitsuita (2018)


Drama , Drama , Psychological , Romance , Japanese | Episodes 10

7.9 596 10 0


Kyoko is a young woman whose low esteem often manifests itself as suspicious behavior. So when she joins a company and is taken by a senior colleague to her first ever speed date party, she meets a manga editor, Yoshizaki, who doesn’t hold back in his harsh appraisal of her. Though mortified at first, Kyoko resolves that he is someone who can help her improve herself, and she proceeds to follow after him and boldly asks: “Would you go out with me?” No sooner does Kyoko embark on this mission of self-help when she is reunited with a former college senior classmate with whom she had once been infatuated. But he had been an awful man who had used her infatuation to hurt her. Kyoko seeks to overcome the trauma of past love in this compelling love triangle story by Kirin Tendo. (Source: TBS) ~~ Adapted from the manga series "Kimi ga Kokoro ni Sumitsuita" by Tendo Kirin.


Ishibashi Anna Ida Ayaka [Lapoire materials division's employee] Support Role
Ishida Nicole Yamafuji Aika Support Role
Kaneko Fuminori Director
Mizuta Narihide Director
Tokuo Koji Screenwriter
Suzuki Sarina Yagi Izumi [Lapoire's designer] Support Role
Seto Asaka Hotta Maiko [Lapoire's designer] Support Role
Hasegawa Tomoharu Shirasaki Tatsuo [Lapoire materials division's manager] Support Role
Sugimoto Aya Ikewaki Kumiko [Lapoire product development division's director] Support Role
Muro Tsuyoshi Suzuki Jiro [manga artist] Support Role
Nakajima Hiroko Ogawa Nobuko [Kyoko's mother] Support Role
Nakamura Anne Narikawa Emi [light novel writer] Support Role
Nagaoka Tasuku Yahata Shunsuke Support Role
Hino Yo Jin Ida Kyozo [Ayaka's uncle] Support Role
Anan Kenji Kamoshida [company's boss] Support Role
Yoshioka Riho Ogawa Kyoko Main Role
Kiritani Kenta Yoshizaki Kojirou Main Role
Mukai Osamu Hoshina Ren Main Role