Kiss, Love and Taste (2019)


  • Release: 2019
  • Broadcast network: iQiyi, Netflix

Kiss, Love and Taste (2019)

The Taste of Love, Qin Ai De Wei Dao, 亲爱的味道, 亲·爱的味道, Kiss Love and Taste, 親 • 愛的味道

Drama , Comedy , Food , Friendship , Life , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 39

7.5 856 10 0


Famous chef An Wen Yu lost his taste due to a previous accident. Chef Jin Jin Jin enters his life and hopes to learn the recipes of the An family. However, rich guy Lin Xuan gets in her way. After returning from his overseas studies, Li Xuan has been assigned to become the senior executive at his dad’s company, but he doesn’t do much work despite his job title. What he is truly into is psychology and Lin Xuan wants to make use of his knowledge to help An Wen Yu recover his taste buds. Wen-Yu has a very cold personality, but as soon as he is faced with Lin Xuan’s bright personality, his smile will naturally appear.


Ai Xiao Qi Support Role
Rong Dollar An Wen Yu [Young] Support Role
Leo Li Li Fei Lin Support Role
Yan Aaron Lin Xuan Main Role
Lu Yi An Wen Yu Main Role
Kuo Amber Jin Jin Jin Main Role
Chen Ming Zhang Unknown Role