Koi wa Ameagari no You ni : Pocket no Naka no Negaigoto (2018)


Drama , Drama , Romance , Japanese | Episode 40

7.3 111 10 0


Akira Tachibana is a soft-spoken high school student who used to be a part of the track and field club but, due to an injury, she is no longer able to run as fast as she once could. Working part-time at a family restaurant as a recourse, she finds herself inexplicably falling in love with her manager, a divorced 45-year-old man with a young son. 


Shono Hayama Support Role
Hamada Mari Support Role
Seino Nana Support Role
Isomura Hayato Support Role
Matsumoto Honoka Support Role
Yoshida You Support Role
Totsugi Shigeyuki Support Role
Yamamoto Maika Support Role
Komatsu Nana Akira Tachibana Main Role
Oizumi Yo Masami Kondo Main Role