Krong Karm (2019)

Cage of Karma, Kong Karm, Krong Krum, กรงกรรม

Drama , Drama , Family , Historical , Romance , Thailand | Episodes 24

7.7 895 10 0


Yoi has four sons: Pathom, Prasong, Kamol and Mongkol. Pathom - the eldest son, falls in love with a prostitute named Reynu and brings her home as a wife, but Yoi despises her and they encounter many obstacles. She will do anything to try to get rid of Reynu. Kamol, the 3rd son, has two wives, Piangpen and Jantra. He was forced to marry Piangpen but the one he really loves is Jantra. Kamol is the only friendly person to Reynu in the family and they develop a brother and sister relationship. Prasong, the 2nd son, is married to Pilai, who also wants to get rid of Reynu. Mongkol - the youngest son, is a cunning and sassy guy. The story will revolve around the relationships within this large family.


Tuamsoongnuen Nisachon Bang-on Support Role
Phanthumchinda Pitchapa Pilai Support Role
Jitpanu Klomkaew Jinnakorn Support Role
Sithisaman Natthani Ram Support Role
Jaikanta Preeyakarn Jantra Support Role
Rudklao Amratisha Nang Yaem Support Role
Paisarnkulwong Vachiravit Mongkol / "See" Support Role
Yingyot Panya Screenwriter
Thakrit Thamannopjit Pathom / ''Achai'' Support Role
Ngamnet Denkhun Karn Support Role
Champ Chanatip Phothongka Prasong Support Role
Pie Rinrada Kaewbuasai Vanna Support Role
Pawanrat Naksuriya Support Role
Oranate D. Caballes Piangpen Support Role
Bella Vanita Reynu Main Role
Tangsrisuk Jirayu Kamol / ''Asa'' Main Role
Mai Charoenpura Yoi Main Role