Kularb Fai (2013)

Flaming Rose, กุหลาบไฟ

Drama , Action , Drama , Thailand | Episodes 11

7.7 923 10 0


Saila (Sara Legge) is the oldest of three children. Her father died protecting the country and her mother’s life was taken by a vicious car accident. Thus she had to drop out of college to support her siblings; Orn, Pong and Da. Saila teaches Tae Kwon Do for her second job. Unbeknownst to her, she picked an outdoors area to train her students which was the same area that a certain Police Captain Teratorn (Art Pasut) was fighting crime. Saila gets held hostage. With her special gift that she never knew she had, she was able to get away leaving the entire police force in shock. The Captain became mighty impressed with her abilities and is totally mesmerized by her beauty. And the story continues on…


Banyam Pasut Teratorn Main Role
Legge Sara Saila Main Role
Vorarit Not Chutchid Supporting Role
Ratchakrome Gosin Supporting Role
Teansuwan Krunnapol Supporting Role
Tiampetch Petchlada Supporting Role
Geena Meads Catherine Supporting Role
Suphakan Thanongsak Supporting Role
Chuaykua Laphasrada Nasuda Supporting Role