Kularb Kror Petch (2019)


Drama , Action , Drama , Romance , Tragedy , Thailand | Episodes 15

7.2 76 10 0


A story about a young woman Kanyawee who got revived by her father after she was dead and became a semi mechanic human being named Natwara. Due to her fighting abilities, she is joined by other females under the name Kularb Kror Petch, who are after to destroy a bad organization. After the death of his girlfriend, Techit also joins Kularb Kror Petch team to investigate who is this girl that looks like his ex-girlfriend Kanyawee. Little does he know that it was his own father that caused her death in the first place. 


Krueakoch Pornchada Support Role
Sopha Wathit Support Role
Wayne Falconer Support Role
Yuttapichai Prab Support Role
Atthaseri Klot Support Role
Leowrakwong Teerapong Support Role
Eakpankul Rapeepat Support Role
Keetapat Untimanon Support Role
Ingfah Kedkhum Support Role
Vanessa Bever Support Role
Nuttanun Naree Support Role
Namthip Siamthong Support Role
Lewis Hana Main Role
Ratree Wittawat Guest Role
Lumpraploeng Ping Unknown Role
Beaver Oliver Unknown Role