Kyojo (2020)
Ep 2


Kyojo (2020)

Kyoujou, 教場

Drama , School , Japanese | Episodes 20

7.2 100 10 0


Kazama Kimichika is an instructor at a police academy. He is keenly observant and watches over his students. He is calm as an instructor and has charisma, but strict. Students with various backgrounds attend the police academy with their own reasons of becoming police officers. They feel pressure having to follow the strict rules and have anxiety about getting kicked out of the academy. How many students will graduate among the 90 students? What is the real purpose of Kimichika Kazama giving hardship to the students? 


Takahashi Hitomi Ono Harue Support Role
Kamishiraishi Moka [New student] Support Role
Kawaguchi Haruna Hashinuma Hazuki Support Role
Sato Hitomi Hattori Kyoko Support Role
Mitsuishi Ken Hirata Kuniaki Support Role
Kudo Asuka Miyasaka Sadamu Support Role
Tomita Miu Edamoto Yuna Support Role
Kentaro [New student] Support Role
Kakei Toshio Uematsu Sadayuki Support Role
Oshima Yuko Kusumoto Shinobu Support Role
Akashiya Sanma [Town Police Officer] Support Role
Sakuma Yui [New student] Support Role
Kohinata Fumiyo Yomoda Hideo Support Role
Miura Takahiro [New student] Support Role
Kashima Riku [New student] Support Role
Wada Masato Suga Taichi Support Role
Inowaki Kai Nanbara Tetsuhisa Support Role
Hayashi Kento Hirata Kazumichi Support Role
Murai Ryota Ishiyama Kohei Support Role
Aoi Wakana Kishikawa Saori Support Role
Nishihata Daigo Kashimura Takumi Support Role
Miura Shohei Kusakabe Jun Support Role
Kimura Takuya Kazama Kimichika Main Role



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