Kyou Kara Ore Wa!! (2018)

It's My Turn!, From Today, 今日から俺は!!

Drama , Comedy , Friendship , School , Youth , Japanese | Episodes 15

8 1128 10 0


Two transfer students, Mitsuhashi Takashi and Itou Shinji, tired of their boring normal life and unpopularity decide to take their arrival at a new school as an opportunity to reinvent their image, and become delinquents! Itou's justice clashing with Mitsuhashi's mischievous ways, they initially antagonize one another but soon become fast friends. The delinquent duo set out on various misadventures to become the greatest delinquents in all Japan! 


Hashimoto Kanna Kyoko Hayakawa Support Role
Suzuki Nobuyuki Satoshi Katagiri Support Role
Fukuda Yuichi Unkown Job
Taiga Imai Katsutoshi Support Role
Wakatsuki Yumi Support Role
Isomura Hayato Takeshi Sagara Support Role
Muro Tsuyoshi Support Role
Yoshida Kotaro Support Role
Sato Jiro Support Role
Yamoto Yuma Yanio Tanigawa ︎ Support Role
Kentaro Ito Shinji Main Role
Kaku Kento Takashi Mitsuhashi Main Role
Seino Nana Riko Akasaka Main Role
Yamada Takayuki Guest Role
Yagira Yuuya Guest Role
Arai Hirofumi Guest Role
Oguri Shun Guest Role
Tomita Miu [Student] Guest Role
Shimazaki Haruka Guest Role
Hashizume Isao Guest Role
Takahashi Katsumi Guest Role
Tsutsumi Shinichi Guest Role
Yokoyama Ayumu Guest Role
Yamazaki Kento Guest Role
Hamabe Minami Guest Role
Iketani Nobue Guest Role