Legal High (2019)

Ligalhai, 리갈하이

Drama , Comedy , Drama , Law , Korean | Episodes 16

8 2556 10 0


A story of two completely different lawyers. Go Tae Rim is a lawyer with a 100 percent success rate who knows how to play with the law, and Seo Jae In is a rookie lawyer who believes in the law and justice. 


Jung Sang Hoon Yoon Sang Goo Support Role
Kim Byung Ok Bang Dae Han Support Role
Lee Soon Jae Koo Se Joong Support Role
Kim Jung Hyun Director
Moon Ye Won Nam Seol Hee Support Role
Chae Jung Ahn Min Joo Kyung Support Role
Yoon Park Kang Ki Suk Support Role
Kim Ho Jung Professor Song Support Role
Jang Yoo Sang Kim Yi Soo Support Role
Jin Goo Go Tae Rim Main Role
Seo Eun Soo Seo Jae In Main Role

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Drama , Comedy , Drama , Law , Korean