Legend of White Snake (2019)

Legend of Madame White Snake, Xīn bái niángzǐ chuánqí, 新白娘子传奇

Drama , Fantasy , Historical , Romance , Supernatural , Wuxia , Chinese | Episodes 36

7.7 2631 10 0


New adaptation of the classic folktale that tells the love story between an immortal and a human. The story is set in Hangzhou, then the capital of the Southern Song court, and is about a 1,000-year-old snake spirit that's transformed into a beautiful woman and falls in love with a young man. However, a Buddhist monk intervenes


Nie Zi Hao Support Role
Feng Jian Yu Zhang Yu Tang Support Role
Xiao Yan Xiao Qing Main Role
Yu Alan Xu Xuan Main Role
Ju Jing Yi Bai Su Zhen Main Role
Pei Tim Fa Hai Main Role