Leh Bunpakarn (2020)


Drama , Action , Drama , Fantasy , Historical , Mystery , Romance , Thailand | Episodes 14

7.5 744 10 0


Plerngfah has ability to see the previous lifes of people since he was young. His parent decided to move to live at US in order to treat his strange symptoms. He is no longer able to see weird images or have dream. 20 years later, Plerngfah is back to live at Thailand and work as a news reporter for Channel 6. Several bombing with ancient traces happened cause him to meet Sitang, a young archeology professor. Then Plerngfah is able to see past lifes again. He is sure that Sitang is his soulmate and they has been together for many lifetimes. However, enemies who cause chaos in their previous lifes, still follow them to this world and swear to sperate Plerngfah and Sitang again.


Watitapun Sarocha Support Role
Bird Kittitat Pradab Support Role
Athiwat Sanitwong Support Role
Mint Nawinda Bertotti Support Role
Skidjai Natthawut Support Role
Janjareon Supoj Support Role
Chanokwanun Rakcheep Support Role
Chatwilai Chomchai Support Role
Sapunpohng Anuchit Support Role
Suphakan Thanongsak Support Role
Eklikit Unknown Role