Less Than Evil (2018)

Less Than Evil, Nabbeun Hyungsa, Luther, 壞刑警, Bad Detective, 나쁜 형사 , 루터

Drama , Crime , Detective , Investigation , Psychological , Suspense , Korean | Episodes 32

7.7 1221 10 0


Woo Tae Seok is a lonely veteran detective. He focuses solely on solving cases. He teeters on a line between good and evil. Tae Seok crosses paths with a female psychopath Eun Sun Jae, but he is unable to arrest her due to a lack of evidence. The woman eventually helps him solve other cases. (Source: AsianWiki) ~ A remake of the U.K. series "Luther".


Bae Da Bin Shin Ka Young Support Role
Kim Dae Jin Director
Lee Dong Hyun Director
Heo Joon Woo Screenwriter
Kang Yi Hun Screenwriter
Kim Gun Woo Jang Hyung Min Support Role
Hong Eun Hee Kim Hae Joon Support Role
Yang Jae Young Lee Moon Ki Support Role
Bae Yoon Kyung Woo Tae Hee Support Role
Bae Yoo Ram Ban Ji Deuk Support Role
Yoon Hee Seok Jo Doo Jin Support Role
Ryu Tae Ho Choi Jung Woo Support Role
Lee Seol Eun Sun Jae Main Role
Baro Hwang Dong Yoon Main Role
Shin Ha Kyun Woo Tae Seok Main Role
Park Ho San Jeon Choon Man Main Role

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Drama , Crime , Detective , Investigation , Psychological , Suspense , Korean