Let Me Introduce Her (2018)

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Drama , Medical , Melodrama , Mystery , Romance , Korean | Episodes 40

7.9 6471 10 0


Ji Eun Han loses her memory after a facial reconstruction surgery. Han Kang Woo is her plastic surgeon and helps her. She faces strange revelations during the process. 


Lee Ho Jung Lee Hyun Soo Support Role
Lee Mi Sook Min Ja Young Support Role
Kim Jung Young Lee Sook Hyun Support Role
Lee Dae Yeon Han Young Cheol Support Role
Han Eun Jung Jung Soo Jin Support Role
Jung Young Joo Madame Hwang Support Role
Kim Bo Kang Jang Seok Joon Support Role
Jung Jin Woon Lee Hee Yeong Support Role
Yang Jin Sung Song Chae Young Support Role
Kim Roe Ha Detective Kim Support Role
Kang Hoon Ji Soo Han Support Role
Jo Hyun Jae Kang Chan Ki Main Role
Kim Jae Won Han Gang Woo Main Role
Nam Sang Mi Ji Eun Han Main Role
Lee Shi Ah Ji Eun Han Guest Role

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Drama , Medical , Melodrama , Mystery , Romance , Korean