Letting You Float Like A Dream (2018)

Granting You a Dreamlike Life, Xu Ni Fu Sheng Ruo Meng, 许你浮生若梦

Drama , Romance , War , Chinese | Episodes 40

7.9 3157 10 0


Based on the novel of the same name by Juzi Chen, presents a love story that transcends three lifetimes. A food critic, Lin Jing Yun who was born and bred in France, returns to her family home to find an old diary that chronicles a love story between a popular actress Tian Ying/Lin Ruomeng and the son of a triad leader, Luo Fu Sheng during 1930s Shanghai.


Leon Huang Xing Han Support Role
Zhu Yi Long Luo Fu Sheng Main Role
An Yue Xi Lin Ruo Meng / Tian Ying / Lin Jing Yun Main Role

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Trailer Granting You a Dreamlike Life

Drama , Romance , War , Chinese