Leverage (2019)

Leverage: Fraud Control Operation, 레버리지: 사기조작단

Drama , Crime , Drama , Investigation , Korean | Episodes 16

8.3 4849 10 0


"Leverage" will tell the story of Lee Tae Joon, an elite insurance investigator turned scam strategist who recruits the best "players" in order to catch the real criminals who think they’re above the law. A remake of the U.S. series "Leverage"


Jung Gi Sub So Ma Support Role
Choi Ja Hye Shin Yoo Ri [Tae Joon's wife] Support Role
Kim Kwang Shik Park Ki Ho Support Role
Lee Dong Gun Lee Tae Joon Main Role
Yeo Hwi Hyung Jung Eui Sung Main Role
Kim Sae Ron Go Na Byul Main Role
Jun Hye Bin Hwang Soo Kyung Main Role
Kim Kwon Roy Ryu Main Role
Nam Ki Hoon Unknown Role
Min Ji Hyung Unknown Role

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Drama , Crime , Drama , Investigation , Korean

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