Light on Series: Crimson River (2020)


Drama , Drama , Mystery , Suspense , Chinese | Episodes 12

7.7 63 10 0


An unsolved murder case of a young girl repeats itself twenty years later and awakens the memories of a peaceful town. Shan Feng, who was once a witness to the murder case, now returns to the town as a policeman, unable to forget the painful memories. He seeks out the truth and discovers all the people related to the case have undergone drastic changes.


Qin Yu Support Role
Jiao Gang Support Role
Li Jiu Xiao Support Role
Qian Bo Support Role
Du Zhi Guo Support Role
He Peng Support Role
Wang Long Zheng Support Role
Song Ning Support Role
Yuan Mickey Support Role
Song Yang Main Role
You Una Main Role
Yang Miao Unknown Role