Lion Pride (2017)


Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Taiwan | Episode 15+

8.1 563 10 0


wo teachers hold polar opposite viewpoints about teaching and life. Wang Qiang Da (Yen Tsao) is a math teacher who approaches everything in front of him with logic and reasoning. Wang Qiang Wei (Amanda Chou) is a history teacher at the same tutoring center who cares about the love of learning and making people happy around her. When Qiang Da and Qiang Wei are brought together by a crime, they must worktogether to get to the bottom of what happened. What will they discover about themselves in the process?


Michael Yang Zeng Ren Yi Support Role
Kao Vince Support Role
Kenny Wen Chen Yun Fei Support Role
Tsao Yen Wang Qiang Da Main Role
Chou Amanda Wang Qiang Wei Main Role
Peace Yang Lian Si De Main Role
Liu Lawrence Tie Bu Fan Main Role