Living (2020)


Drama , Drama , Japanese | Episodes 4

7.2 48 10 0


The novelist expands his imagination while receiving encouragement from the speaking acorn. It reflects 4 family patterns... Episode 1 - Alice Hirose x Suzu Hirose - Good sisters living together. Although they seemed to live an ordinary life to the naked eye, there is actually a “face behind” that no one can see... Episode 2 - Eita Nagayama x Ayato Nagayama - Japan, in the near future...One letter arrived in the morning one day under the guidance of my siblings who made a "cook" in the past. Episode 3 - Akiyoshi Nakao x Riisa Naka Episode 4 - Takataka Aoki × Yuka (voice) Episodes 1-4 - [Writer] Sadao Abe & [Acorn] Danmitsu (voice) - Writer: "? Human beings, say Datte following Acorn" Acorn: "Then sensei, Can you tell me What, I man advantage?" Now that people are facing difficulties, a special project that delivers the charm of fiction! 


Hirose Alice Main Role
Abe Sadao Main Role
Nagayama Kento Main Role
Aoki Munetaka Main Role
Eita Main Role
Naka Riisa Main Role
Nakao Akiyoshi Main Role
Dan Mitsu Main Role
Yuka Main Role
Hirose Suzu Main Role
Sakamoto Yuji Unknown Role