Lonely Enough To Love (2020)

연애는 귀찮지만 외로운 건 싫어!

Drama , Drama , Romance , Youth , Korean | Episodes 16

8.1 570 10 0


A story of young people residing at a co-living house. They do want to date, but they don't want to be serious. They prefer being free, but they also don't want to be lonely. Cha Kang Woo is a single man in his 30's and he works as a psychiatrist. He is full of curiosity about human beings. Even though he is an attractive man, he is afraid of having a romantic relationships due to trauma from his past. A woman appears in front of him and he begins to have feelings for her. Lee Na Eun is a freelancer copy editor. She is generous to good people, but she does not tolerate injustice. She hopes to become a novelist one day. Due to her situation, she has not had a boyfriend in 4 years. She begins to stay at the co-living house and develops romantic feelings. 


Kim San Ho Support Role
Han Ji Wan Support Role
Noh Ji Hoon Support Role
Jo Hyun Young Support Role
Nam Ji Hyun Support Role
Gongchan Support Role
Shin Ha Young Support Role
Cha Soo Yeon Support Role
Kim So Eun Main Role
Ji Hyun Woo Main Role
Park Geon Il Main Role
Jo Jin Kook Unknown Role
Lee Hyun Joo Unknown Role