Lookism (2019)

Drama , Drama , School , Suspense , Youth , Chinese | Episodes 38

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One is the original ugly body and the other is of a perfect male. Wen Shuai found out that he can switch between the two bodies. One body will appear when he's awake, and the other body will appear when he's sleeping. The secret of the two bodies completely changes Wen Shuai’s life He has never been welcomed, started a completely different life, and felt the beauty and convenience of the being popular. At the same time, this handsome body hides a huge secret that gradually emerges as the story progresses. The original owner of the handsome body, Kris, soon wakes up, and the layers of mystery gradually unravel. Adapted from the South Korean webtoon, Lookism (외모지상주의), written and illustrated by Park Tae Joon.


Wang Zi Xuan Tao Qiao Support Role
Crawdia Chou Support Role
Hong Jun Jia Wa Si Ke Support Role
Lee Dino Gu Qi Guang Support Role
Ma Evan Chen Hu Bin Support Role
Wayne Zhang "Ugly" Wen Shuai Main Role
Park Solomon "Handsome" Wen Shuai/Kris Main Role
Wu Jian Xin Unknown Role


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