Love and 3.14159 (2018)

Ai De 3.14159, 愛的3.14159

Drama , Taiwan | Episodes 15

7.9 268 10 0


Wu Sixian attended the opening ceremony of the "3.14159 love" starring Dong Sen. Two people co-wrote the "Ultimate Perfect Match" to spread the sex scandal. Before that, they blew out the woman's date with Wu Yiren. The triangular relationship was unclear. Shao Yuwei was defamed because of his past history. , Feeling greatly affected, tyrannical to change paper people, weighing only 38 kilograms, now 2 scandal objects fit filming, Xiao Le immediately acted as a flower ambassador, and shouted: "Write me just fine, girls are more affected, no Things are still happy, otherwise, she is getting thinner and thinner, so I will spend more money to eat more.


Lee Jack Support Role
Lan Blue Support Role
Yang Candy Lin Mei Xin Main Role
Shao Ivy Zhao Yuan Man Main Role
Wu Ben Zhao Wu Xian Main Role

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Drama , Taiwan