Love as a Predatory Affair (2016)


Love as a Predatory Affair (2016)


Drama , Comedy , Romance , HK | Episodes 21

7.7 240 10 0


Lo Gwai Fong, who works in the food supply industry, has an ordinary face, is short, over 30 years old and lacks experience in dating. One time, in an incident involving bitter melon, she helps young restaurateur Lau Bak Yip survive a crisis. The tall, rich and handsome Lau Bak Yip takes notice of her inner beauty and falls in love with her. Lo Gwai Fong's neighbour and good friend Ko Gwai Fun finds this hard to accept. Although Ko Gwai Fun hails from the fish market, she has the face and body of a goddess. She has been trying every way to create sparks with Lau Bak Yip, but to no avail. Instead she attracts the attention of Hung Xian, heir to a Taiwanese noodle business. In order to get closer to her, Hung Xian is willing to downgrade and move into the same sub-divided flat as her. Unable to get Lau Bak Yip, she turns her attention to his older brother Lau Lei Go. Later on, Lau Bak Yip cannot handle other people's criticisms of his girlfriend Lo Gwai Fong and their relationship is put to the test. When love no longer trumps everything, when there are no more standards for beauty and ugly, men and women simultaneously become hunters and prey and a nasty battle for love erupts.


Yuen Kitty Lo Gwai Fong Main Role
King Kong Hung Sin Main Role
Chan Jason Lau Bak Yip / "Pete" Main Role
Ko Samantha Ko Gwai Fun / "Hestia" Main Role
Lee Joseph Ling Yue Kau Supporting Role
Chiu Sky Fok Kam Yun Supporting Role
Hu Paisley Sa Lin Na / "Selina" Supporting Role
Chow Ice Lee Gai Kwan Supporting Role
Chan Alycia Rossetti Supporting Role
Yeung Griselda Yau Choi Fa Supporting Role
Wong Erin Lo Gwai Kei Supporting Role
Tse Brian Lo Gwai Lun Supporting Role
Cheng Timothy Lau Lei Ko Supporting Role
Lam Mandy Flora Supporting Role
Yu Henry Tau Chau Suk Supporting Role
Tang Jim Chow Keung Supporting Role
Law Ronald Bau Wan Bun Supporting Role
Chan Apple Lau Yuk Hing Supporting Role
Kwan C Yang Jip Yuen Supporting Role
Yee Tony Jacky Supporting Role
Lo Angelina Choi Lin Supporting Role
Lau Kong Lau Kam Supporting Role
Ho Stephanie Yeung Gam Chi / "Kimchi" Supporting Role
Tse Susan Lo Dou Ching Lok / "Jeana" Supporting Role
Yip Fanny Nga Ping Supporting Role
Suen Snow Jessica Supporting Role
Poon Pat Lo Sat Supporting Role