Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful (2019)

사랑은 뷰티풀 인생은 원더풀

Drama , Comedy , Drama , Family , Romance , Korean | Episodes 100

7.9 8983 10 0


“Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful” is a drama about a cold man who doesn’t believe in marriage and a female student who has given up on dating, marriage, and having children while preparing to take the civil service exam. 


Na Young Hee Hong Yoo Ra [Joon Hwi's mother] Support Role
Park Young Soo Na Tae Pyung Support Role
Kim Bo Jung Oh Deok Hee Support Role
Jo Woo Ri Moon Hae Rang Support Role
Kim Jin Yeop Baek Rim Support Role
Jang Yong Support Role
Park Young Kyu Kim Young Woong [Young Ae's husband] Support Role
Park Hae Mi Hong Hwa Young [Jin Woo's mother] Support Role
Wang Bit Na Support Role
Kim Mi Sook Sun Woo Young Ae [Chung Ah, Seol Ah, and Yeon Ah's mother] Support Role
Lee Tae Sun Kang Shi Wol Support Role
Ryu Ui Hyun Moon Pa Rang [Tae Rang & Hae Rang's younger brother] Support Role
Jung Won Joong Moon Joon Ik [Tae Rang, Hae Rang, & Pa Rang's father] Support Role
Jo Yoo Jung Kim Yeon Ah [Chung Ah & Seol Ah's younger sister] Support Role
Kim Eun Soo Kim Bo Tong Support Role
Jo Yoon Hee Kim Seol Ah Main Role
Seol In Ah Kim Chung Ah Main Role
Kim Jae Young Goo Joon Hwi Main Role
Yoon Park Moon Tae Rang Main Role
Oh Min Suk Do Jin Woo Main Role
Ock Ye Rin Kim Yeon Ah [Young] (Ep. 1, 3, 5) Guest Role
Oh Jung Yeon Bae Hyun Ji [Announcer] (Ep. 3) Guest Role
Jun Hyun Moo [Guest on Seol Ah's talk show] (Ep. 2) Guest Role
Kim Da Som Kim Da Som [Actress] (Ep. 3) Guest Role
Yoo Jae Suk [Seol Ah's colleague] (Ep. 2) Guest Role
Jin Ho Eun Goo Joon Gyeom [Joon Hwi's younger brother] (Eps. 1-4) Guest Role
Bae Yoo Mi Unknown Role
Han Joon Seo Unknown Role

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Drama , Comedy , Drama , Family , Romance , Korean

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