Love or Not (2017)


Drama , Comedy , Mystery , Romance , Japanese | Episodes 10

7.3 474 10 0


Interior designer Mako is unable to forget her first love from childhood, who helped her when she was bullied back in elementary school days. One day, a letter arrives from someone named Kosuke—the same name as the boy Mako can't forget. It says, "Do you remember me? Please contact me, because I want to see you after all this time." It's been 22 years since she last saw her friend, but Mako is excited to see him again. But the "Kosuke" who shows up to meet her is far from the man she imagined.


Asami Reina Hojo Shiho Support Role
Yagi Masayasu Yabuki Sota Support Role
Takamura Kaito Tajima Shintaro Support Role
Mizusawa Erena Mori Misuzu Support Role
Machida Keita Sano Wataru Support Role
Motokariya Yuika Hirosawa Mako Main Role
Yamashita Kenjiro Usami Kosuke Main Role
Tachibana Kenchi [Misuzu's ex-husband] Guest Role