Love Watch (2018)

Seollemjuuibo, Thunderstorm Watch, Heart Flutter Watch, Love Alert, Fluttering Warning, Fluttering Alert, 설렘주의보

Drama , Comedy , Fantasy , Romance , Korean | Episodes: 20

7.8 9052 10 0


The story sounds like a fun, light rom-com revolving around a popular, talented actress and a handsome dermatologist who won a Hippocrates award for providing free treatment to patients with burn scars otherwise unable to afford it. Many of the keywords being thrown out in the plot description sound pretty run-of-the-mill for a rom-com: The heroine is romantic while the doctor doesn’t believe in love, they’ll have a childhood connection, and because of some unexplained circumstances, the two leads will enter into a contractual relationship. ~~ Adaptation of the popular web novel "Love Watch".


Joo Woo Jae Sung Hoon Support Role
Pyo Ji Hoon Yoon Yoo Joon Support Role
Han Go Eun Han Jae Kyung Support Role
Lee Hye Ran Joo Min Ah Support Role
Yoon Eun Hye Yoon Yoo Jung Main Role
Chun Jung Myung Cha Woo Hyun Main Role

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Drama , Comedy , Fantasy , Romance , Korean