Love Without a Trace (2019)
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Love Without a Trace (2019)

Ai Wu Hen, 爱无痕

Drama , Historical , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 46

7.4 462 10 0


Set in the end of the Tang dynasty, in the chaotic time of the Five Dynasties and the Ten Kingdoms where the warlords fight for the country's throne. The wealthy young master Tang Xiao Cheng joins the war with a goal to create the perfect world for his lover Shen Lian Xing. The bloody battles changes him into a conspiring and violent man. He loses the heart of his lover and ends up an enemy to his good friend Zhang Jun Xiang.


Peng Guan Ying Zhang Jun Xiang Support Role
Li Guang Fu Master Chen, Lian Xing's Father Support Role
Tong Da Wei Tong Tian Qing Support Role
Xu Bai Hui Unknown
Li Dai Kun Deng Weng Guang Support Role
Shu Yao Xuan Hu Yue Kun Support Role
Huang Maggie Tong Ling Support Role
Bao Tian Qi Murong Ping Support Role
Wong Ricky Wu De Support Role
Liu Yu Qi Yue'er Support Role
Jiang Leo Li Dian Chen Support Role
Na Jia Wei Peng Shan / Peng Yu Support Role
Li Sierra Chen Wan'er Support Role
Xiao Jenny Fu Rong Support Role
Jiang Rui Jia Unknown
Yue Yao Li Fu Ji Support Role
Yang Shuo Tang Xiao Cheng Main Role
Tong Li Ya Chen Lian Xing Main Role

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Drama , Historical , Romance , Chinese